Auto Service Experts Since 2017



Auto Service Experts has been family run since 2017. Currently run by John Ostendorf , Madison Ostendorf, and Elana Ostendorf. Madison, John's daughter, has been involved with creating the company's first website and maintaining an active social media presence.


In The Beginning...

Starting out as an oil changer/tire tech at Western Auto in Texas John began learning the automotive industry. Working as a diesel tech at a Petro truck stop in New Jersey and managing Goodyear stores in Fayetteville NC he learned that the automotive repair industry was his life calling. Madison quickly caught on by watching the technicians work and asking questions. while not a master technician she does well trying to interpret the mechanic-ese and transferring it into a language that is customer friendly.


...Still Running

We have a proud history of excellent work and customers service. We have remained loyal in serving our community.  Through our success, we have also been able to give back to our community through donating and volunteering with many local charities. Our goal is to provide a service that everyone feels comfortable and safe sending their friends, grandmother, kids, mom, or dad to knowing they will get a fair and honest evaluation of their vehicles condition without all of the up-selling that goes on at the franchise companies.